Boost Your Immune System Naturally

10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally Against Unwanted Cancer, Viruses & Bacteria

Your Immune System is the best defense against unwanted cancer, viruses and bacteria.
Here are some quick and cheap ways to naturally boost your immune system today.


Over-sterilized environments. anti-biotics, processed foods and unhealthy lifestyles are all factors to help explain weak immune systems. This post is mean to give you, the reader, a quick list of actionable items and diet recommendations for boosting your immune system.

Boost your immune system without spending much time or money. For a TLDR of the above video, the actions you can take are:

  1. Change your Diet - You are what you eat, it's that simple. Changing your diet from processed carbohydrates to a keto diet will have the greatest benefit to your immune system

  2. Cook with good fats - Maintain cell membranes by cooking with a good source of animal fats. This means cutting all "vegetable"/seed oils including canola, rapeseed, sunflower etc..

  3. Vitamin D Supplement  - Vitamin D is essential for healthy immune system

  4. Remove chronic bad stress - Most of us suffer from chronic low levels of bad stress (just as conventional agriculture does the same to nature). Removing chronic stress can greatly boost your immune system

  5. Remove alcohol from your diet - Any alcohol will increase unwanted inflammation.

  6. Don't Smoke - Smoking irritates the pulmonary system, thus greatly increasing the risk of bacterial & viral infections.

  7. Get Sunlight Everyday  - Go outside, sunbath and absorb some rays. The effects of sunlight on our health should not be overlooked, but with people sitting inside the majority of the day, most are lacking sufficient Vitamin D.

  8. Better Sleep - We should sleep a minimum 8.5 hours a day. Sleep in a cool, blacked-out room, with a humidifier. We should spend a third of the day sleeping. Good sleep means a stronger, less-stressed immune system.

  9. Go for a walk  - One 30 min. walk every morning and evening in the sun. That is all.

  10. Make Bone Broth - Remember getting sick and grandmother giving you chicken noodle soup? Animals bones are packed with the essential vitamins and amino acids needed to keep up production of white blood cells.

These 10 tips above are all easy and cheap ways to boost your immune system naturally.   

By far the hardest thing to do will be to Change your Diet. Why? Because, sugar addiction is stronger than cocaine or heroin addictions.

It is near impossible to change your diet alone. Find relatives or a support network, that will help you to switch over to a keto/carnivore diet with no processed foods or easily digested carbohydrates. 

Eating 4-8 Pastured Eggs a day cooked in animal fat is an excellent way to boost your immune system naturally. Be sure to cook with grass-fed animal fat and consume while the yoke is still floating, or near floating. Also remember, hard-boiled eggs provide no additional nutritional benefits!!!

In addition, there are a number of supplements without diagnosis that can be recommended to boost your immune system naturally. These are:

Vitamin C
Vitamin D3

Part of boosting your immune system is living a healthy lifestyle. In our next post we will discuss "What is the Keto Diet?", it's effects on human health, and what you can do to begin reversing Type-2 Diabetes naturally.

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Boost your immune system naturally

With the right amount of herbs & micro-nutrients